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Oh So Hero! contains secrets that many have asked about. Here are the most commonly asked questions and answers. This information is up to date as of v0.17.000.


Brask's Voyeur

In the gallery I'm missing a character between Brask and Jack. Who is it and where are they?

The answer can be found in Brask's Palace. You can use the teleporter to travel here more quickly.

Continue to the right side of the map, past Brask, jumping and punching to clear a path to ??? (Leon).

Cat Crew

In the gallery I'm missing a couple characters after Octo. Who are they and where can I find them?

The first can be found in the Forbidden Bayou. Continue to the far right side of this map to find Liath.

The second can be found in Ali's Surf Shack. Teleport back to Sheo Islands Beach and enter Ali's place to find Kaylee.

Additional Help

I'm still missing characters in the gallery. What do I do?

First, make sure you read up on what's included in the gallery, including the way characters are organized. The order is subject to change over the course of development, but this will help you narrow down which character type you're looking for.

Second, check the characters page for more info on all the characters and where to find them. Please be aware that the order of characters on this page does not match the gallery order.

If you're still stumped, we got the complete list for you here…

Still struggling? Here's a cheat sheet in character order as of v0.17.200 (2021-10-30). Be aware that character order is subject to change between versions.

  1. Daku [start of enemies]
  2. K.Ren [start of NPCs]
  3. Sheo Islands Beach [start of environments*]
  4. Loading Screen

* Environments include the game over animations and loading animations.

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