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Jack is a ring-tailed lemur who stands by Smol Beach's entrance on Sheo Island to inform Joe (and most likely anyone else that walks by) about the news van blocking the passage. His fur is white with dark grey markings around his tail and on his face with a red rhombus shaped marking on his chest. His outfit is a simple pair of black coveralls, indicating that he is a mechanic.

He expresses his wish to just take a break as he's working to fix the blockage problem.

As of version 0.18.500, by the time Joe gets to Smol Beach and gains access to Lood City on his own, Jack will have finished repairing the van allowing Joe to use Smol Beach as a shortcut between Lood City and Sheo Island. Jack will inform Joe of such if he is approached again after the van is gone.

As of version 0.18.500, Jack also has an additional scene added onto his main sex scene in which he switches positions with Joe.


  • Jack's name is related to the tool.
  • Jack is the fourth character to have their sex scene retroactively added on to after Ket, Domino, and Liath.
  • Jack along with Ket, Brask, K.Ren, and Joe are the only characters that have full body CGs instead of just sprites in their dialogue.
  • Jack is currently the only character in the game who's dialogue changes as the story progresses. The rest of the cast either has no dialogue, dialogue that resets or repeats itself, or multiple dialogue options when talking to them.
  • Jack is the fifth character to flip-fuck Joe after Tiburon, Liath, Jaer, and Bryce. Although he appeared in the game long before any of them.
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