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Lemiel is a cute, anthropomorphic, pot-bellied bumble bee found on Smol Beach, just between Tiburon and Officer Lance. He has black compound eyes, a pair of antennae, insectile wings, growing from his back, and a black stinger coming out of his behind. His attire consists of brown flip-flops, a pair of simple, traffic cone orange swim trunks, an undersized cyan tank top, and a pair of red headphones worn around his neck. He appears to be holding a smartphone. He has yellow skin with black stripes around his wrists, abdomen, antennae, and stinger.

When Joe converses with him on the beach, Lemiel compliments Joe's Hero Getup.

Beyond a sex scene, Lemiel doesn't seem to have another role in-game yet.


  • Lemiel is the first character to actually wear protective footwear in the form of a pair of sandals. Subsequently, Bryce and Chad also wear shoes, albeit they are open toe shoes..
  • Lemiel is also the only Non-Hostile NPC who Joe makes out with while having sex and one of the only 3 characters overall. The other two being The Amaru and the Stiers.
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