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So you're new to “Oh So Hero!”, huh? Or maybe you just want to read a bit to gain more knowledge over how to play it. Well either way, here's a quick run down of the game's controls for you!]]

As the game progresses, you'll start combining button prompts to perform new and helpful moves.

Now for a run through of all the gameplay mechanics found in “Oh So Hero!”. The screenshots below will help highlight all the important things you need to know!

Disclaimer: The information described here are provided by gamers and not a member of the development team, so certain information may be speculative, missing, or even incorrect.


1) Health Points

Health Points, otherwise known as HP, is vital to your success in “Oh So Hero!”. Starting with a max of 150 HP, Joe will begin to lose his current HP every time he is hit, grappled (more if the animation finishes or if it's a 100% lust grapple), or drops into/triggers a hazard such as falling into water. When his HP hits 0, poor Joe will lose his stamina and be left vulnerable to the fiendish whims of the horny enemies! Oh, and you'll also get a Game Over, forcing you to restart the stage from the last entry point.

But never fear! For you can recover health by either finding Medkits left around the maps inside and outside crates, or pressing S near downed enemies.

2) Special Points

Special Points, or SP, is used for your special attack. With a starting max of 10 SP, Joe can perform a crowd control attack called the Crescent Moon Special with Z, forcing back groups of aggressors with ease and dealing heavy damage to them.

However, the only way to recover SP is by getting down and dirty with some enemies by knocking them down and pressing S while they're in their stunned state, so it should only be used when in a pinch!

3) Lust Meter

The Lust Meter, seen on screen as just Lust, is how randy Joe is currently feeling. Every time is grappled by an enemy, the meter starts to fill in varying amounts (some faster than others). This is highlighted by the outlines surrounding Joe's status to the upper-left of the screen growing redder the higher it gets. Many enemies also have their own seductive taunts. Each taunt usually creates a kind of projectile with a unique movement pattern that increases Joe's lust by a certain amount if he is hit with it.

It's important to avoid the meter filling to 100%, as this prevents Joe from resisting grapples and, if he isn't grappled, exposes him to an unstoppable sex animation that only triggers when Joe is at 100% Lust, which causes more damage than regular grapples! Fortunately, Chillpills can be found to calm his desire and the meter lowers whenever it hits 100% (50% after the current sex animation concludes, 0% otherwise). Meaning if Joe is alone when it hits its peek, he can easily work off the meter alone.

However, at the time of this writing, the player can just as easily hit L to fill the meter full. Either to reset it back to 0% or to trigger 100% Lust-based sex animations with specific enemies.

4) The Map

This is actually able to be missed if you don't talk to Ket right at the beginning of the game, which is pretty serious as this mini-map (which expands into a more expanded one while the game is paused) will help find areas you may not have known was even accessible.

Blue squares are areas you've yet to explore, pink are ones you've entered before (even if it's just an empty block of air), and small arrows dictate where portals to different zones are.

5) Information Tabs

Disappearing as quickly as they appear, these tabs don't do anything special in-game but will at least help you learn a few facts. Enemy names appear on the lower-right above the Zenni counter, while pickups (and their effects) appear on the lower-left.

As you enter zones, the name of the area will appear in the middle of the screen and the name of the BGM (plus the talented people who made it) will appear in the lower-left.

6) Zennies

You can see all the shiny monies you've collected here. And who doesn't like collecting shiny monies? This bar will only appear when you collect coins, making itself scarce whenever it's not needed.

And speaking of Bars, as of update 0.14.900, Zenni can be used at the Bar And Grill on Smol Beach to purchase healing or even stat boosting drinks.

7) Enemies

Those devious aliens/enemies! Fortunately, Joe is a superhero by trade (or, at the least, by hobby). They come in various shapes and sizes: some with different attacks and HP, some can't even be stunned by a good punch, and one can't even be harmed. While avoiding them is an option, it isn't exactly heroic. A swift combo or two using the X button can give them a beating, however, Joe does have another set of skills and a body to match, so you can just as easily hit X while holding Down to seduce them. Most enemies will require more than one glance at what Joe has on offer, so don't expect them to instantly fall in a single hit!

The bar surrounded by a black outline seen above their head is their HP bar. Hit them enough, they'll be knocked out and vulnerable to your grapples (though you can do so sooner by just grappling them after knocking them down with a combo). However, the second, wavy bar is a lust bar. It…doesn't actually say much, but if it's wielding a full pink hue then they will be lost to their own lust and lead to a different sex animation once you grapple them, instantly defeating them after it concludes! Or you could just watch them fap away like the horny dudes they are, that works too.

8) NPC

NPCs can be seen dotted about in certain locations. Ket, for example, is your friendly neighborhood tutorial Tortavi (basically a turtle/avian hybrid), who'll guide you through the basics (just like this page!) in the first zone once you start a new game by talking to him.

If you see a tiny Joe head at the bottom of your screen, pressing Up will interact with them. Although, while they can help you in your journey or even just chat a little, there's more than one NPC out there who's willing to help Joe…“relax”, so to speak. This can be triggered by pressing S nearby them while a heart is visible above their heads. Talk about a friendly bunch!

9) Escape Meter

Say you've been reckless or unlucky, or maybe purposely put yourself in harm's way (we won't judge), and gotten yourself grappled. Well, assuming you want to break free, that's where the Escape Meter comes in. Whenever Joe is grabbed by one of those horny aliens, frogs, or what have you, the player will be prompted to mash X to break free of their lewd actions. However, this bar will disappear if Joe hits 100% Lust, leaving him to endure the acts they inflict on him!

…Not that he ever seems to mind…

10) Rhythm Meter

Version 0.16.1300 introduces a new rhythm game-like mechanic. This feature appears during sex scenes with NPCs. By pressing “x” as the cursor aligns with the reticle, you can skip to the end of a frame during a scene. Successfully hitting all the cursors will give you bonus health and energy when Joe successfully Tops a Enemy and reduces vulnerability of being attacked mid scene.

When used while subbing to an enemy, by accelerating the scene, Joe can reduce the damage he takes since damage is dependent on the scenes duration. This currently serves no purpose when used on non-hostile NPCs. When an enemy uses a light grapple (Joe's Lust is less than 100%), this mechanic won't appear unless it reaches max mid scene.

11) Multigrabs

Version 0.18.200 introduces a new combat mechanic in the form of Multigrabs. Multigrabs are a technique used by some of the enemies in the game. Essentially, it allows for two (and maybe more in the future) enemies to grapple Joe at the same time. The conditions to activate this is that the characters must be compatible with each other and their must not already be too many enemies grappling Joe. This tactic has the ability to inflict nearly twice the combined damage of each enemy individually and will reset Joe's Grapple Escape Meter, which in turn makes it harder for Joe to escape than if only one of them had grappled him since his lust will no doubt be increased.

Multigrabs can also be triggered if a compatible enemy grapples Joe while his topping another enemy.

The list of compatible enemy combinations can be found here.

12) Awakenings

Version 0.19.200 introduces a new combat mechanic in the form of Awakenings. Awakenings are an abilty used by several enemy that increases their power or grants them access to knew attacks. The condition for an enemy to activate their respective awakening varies as does the types of abilities they unlock. For example: Bax unlocks his Awakening when his physical health is halved, while Haya unlocks his Awakening when his lust is increased to 50% of its max. Awakenings are indicated by a grey circle that appears next to an enemies' health bar.

Buff Icon

As of update 0.14.900, Joe can now receive stat boosts. They can be found next to the map, which an icon showing what effect it is as well as how long it will last for.

At the time of writing, there is currently only one buff implemented.

The Store

Not actually implemented yet, but is said to be planned. Items will be purchasable using the in-game currency “Zenni”, found in crates across the maps. Not much is known yet, but will no doubt be handy for when future updates bring in tougher enemies as well as bosses.

Game Over

Either you've had one too many punches to the noggin or, more likely, you've enjoyed watching the grapples too often. That's when you're faced with the dreaded “GAME OVER!” Only, it's not actually dreaded in any way. Instead of the usual punishment you'd see in most games, a Game Over here only resets you back to where you entered the level. There's no Zenni loss, your HP and SP are fully restored, and it's as if nothing ever happened. Well, except for the incredibly graphic sexual scene that functions as your Game Over screen… We don't think Joe really minds you losing…

At the time of writing, all zones have unique game over screens. The exception in this case is the (currently) unfinished Lood City zone. All the unique game over screens are animated while the sole exception merely has a still image of Joe. This will most likely change as development continues.

Some zones (Cas' Cabin, Brask's Palace, and Smol Beach) have no such game overs as they lack anything that can remove HP.

Invisible Stats

While you can't actively see them, there's currently four special stats that directly effect gameplay beyond the more obvious HP and SP increases: Stamina, Strength, Charisma and Lubricity. You won't see them on screen, but you might notice their effects. If you don't, well here's a handy run down!

Stamina: This effects lust gain from enemy tease attacks. The higher, the less lust Joe gains.

Strength: This effects the physical damage Joe causes with his attacks.

Charisma: This effects how seductive Joe is to enemies and how easily they succumb to his teasing.

Lubricity: This effects how easily Joe escapes enemy grapples.


The shortcuts of the Oh So Hero! world. Shortcuts unlock as you progress, allowing you to return to previous zones without the headache of navigating all the parts in between.

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