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Haya is the 14th enemy to be added to Oh So Hero!. He is an anthropomorphic white rabbit with poppy colored eyes and rose colored facial markings/make-up similar to the ones worn by the Ninja Clan. Speaking of the Ninja Clan, he also dresses similarly to them as a shinobi shōzoku, wearing a black jumpsuit with metal plates on the arms, shoulders and hips; As well as a forehead protector.

Haya patrols various locations within Hiroto Dojo. He wields a Fuuma Shuriken (Wind Demon), a large propeller like blade which he can throw a moderate distance away from himself while moving. The Fuuma Shuriken will boomerang back to Haya after it travels a certain distance from him. Haya can throw up to two Fuuma Shurikens, one in front of him and one behind him. He can also throw it high enough that Joe would need to slide under it. Or low enough that Joe would need to jump over it. Combine this with the fact that Haya has poise, and he can become a somewhat challenging opponent. Like a cross between Stier and Goliath.

Haya as a character is currently incomplete. He does not have a grapple, a taunt, all of his sex scenes, and his A.I. tends to stop working after he throws his blades a few times.

As of version 0.19.100, Haya's missing sex scenes have been added and his A.I. has been completed. He also now has a grapple in the form of a short range grab. He may have a seductive taunt added later down the line.

As of version 0.19.200, Haya now has a seductive taunt. This takes the form Haya winking and striking a seductive pose while lowering his pants. This creates a large pink Hira Shuriken with the same size, hitbox, and boomeranging properties of his Fuuma Shuriken. This attack is known as the Sexy Star and inflicts lust damage. Haya will use Sexy Star after he lust is increased to 50%.


  • Haya's inclusion in Hiroto Dojo is meant to replace O'Deere.
  • His inclusion also means that Hiroto Dojo has more enemy types than any other battle zone.
  • Haya's outfit seems to be heavily be based on the outfit worn by The 3rd Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi from Naruto. At least the one he wore in his latter years.
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