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Griff is a blue jay explorer found in the upper floor of Bayou Cabin. His body is a mixture of blue, black, and white feathers, layered randomly across his body, but his black feathers are featured more dominantly on his head and tail in the form of patterns. His feet are grey talons, matching the grey on his beak, and his arms get wider as they lead toward his hands, giving them an appearance reminiscent of wings. Griff wears a typical explorer outfit, with a beige vest and beige shorts that poof out at the hip in a similar style to pantaloons. A brown belt defines his waistline. He also sports an orange cravat, tucked nicely into his vest, with goggles adorned on his brow. In his hand rests a book, likely one of the many scattered around the room he stands in, suggesting he's either an avid reader or researching something quite heavily.

When talked to, he seems quite impatient and/or arrogant, telling Joe he's busy and that his assistant, Dan, can help him with whatever he needs. However, despite this, Griff still offers to take a break to indulge his urges.

Much like his assistant, Griff doesn't serve much purpose in-game yet. However, Dan's mention of a hidden tomb could suggest something is planned for him.


  • The name Griff means a factually correct piece of information especially, which reflects Griff's scrutinizing and precise nature.
  • Griff may also be named after the Griffon, an mythological creature half lion and half bird.
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