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Lago is a rabbit found at the left end of Lood City. He'll briefly make a fourth wall breaking comment about how “these people” (Full Frontal Frog) never finish their damn construction work (referring to Lood City's Incomplete backgrounds and puzzles). He will then propose passing the time waiting with sex.

He garbs himself with a simple white tank top with dark cyan stripes on the shoulders, a pair of stylish, dark cyan cut-out shorts, and matching ankle wraps. He has light orange fur on most of his body with light yellow highlights on his belly, muzzle, and toes. He has sky blue eyes, and his hair is styled in two colors: light cyan and neon yellow. He has an average build with long ears and feet.

While he does have a sex scene, he serves no purpose yet beyond making a comment about Lood City's development.


  • Lago is named after the taxonomic order Lagomorph which contains the family: Leporids, which encompasses all Rabbits and Hares.
  • The fact that Lago is positioned outside of a building with Treadmills may be a visual pun on the slang term: Gym Bunny.
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