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Veene & Neem

Veene & Neem are a pair of friends located outside of the building next door to Blitz's store.

Neem is a anthropomorphic domestic dog that somewhat resembles a sheepdog. His fur is primarily Luxor Gold; Metallic bronze pigmentation ring around his eyes and ankles as well as makes up the color of his floppy ears. The underside of his tail, chest, belly, and abdomen are countershaded by wheat colored fur. Neem's top wear includes of a slightly undersized mauve tank top and red undershirt. On the tank top a white herpetological animal skull is printed towards the bottom right. His bottom war consists of hoki blue jean shorts and a matching belt. On top of his head is a lunar green baseball cap which he wars backwards. Around his neck is a dark blue dog collar.

Veene is a humanoid creature with vaguely canid and rodent features. Namely muzzle, long floppy ears (much like Neem), and a tail. He technically is not a canine though. Veene's body is mostly furless, with raffia yellow hair on his head and the base of his tail. A tuft of the hair on his head is also colored lunar green. Said tail is extremely long and thick and prehensile. His skin and nose is light pink. He wears a bright green tank top with orange highlights on his shoulders as top wear. His bottom wear consists of lunar green sweatpants. Around his waste is a sash with matching colors to his tank top.

When approached by Joe, Veene asks Joe if he wants to hang out with him and Neem. This leads to a sex scene.

While they do have a sex scene, they serve no purpose yet beyond it.


  • Veene was a character created by Red Emption before appearing in Oh So Hero!, similar to how Ket-Ralus, created Ket and Brask before their appearances in the game.
  • Veene & Neem are the first pair of non-hostile NPC's capable of directly interacting with each other. Although they have to do so through Joe.
  • Veene & Neem are the second NPCs to engage in group sex with Joe after Brask. Third if you count Liath.
  • Veene & Neem are the first set of NPCs that Joe can have group sex with that are not hostiles. Unless you count Liath.
  • Neem is a type of mahogany tree.
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