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Xiao is an anthropomorphic pug found in Ali's Surf Shop at Sheo Islands Beach. Like Ket and Kaylee, he appears to have known and befriended Joe before the tournament started, immediately recognizing him through his hero costume.

Xiao is an overweight pug with cream fur and pumpkin splotches on his shoulders, eyelids, and floppy ears. He has a pink nose, tongue, and nipples. Speaking of his nipples his pectorals are large and squishy with sensitive nipples, almost like they are actual breasts. He protects his modesty with a Lochivar colored swim trunks. Around his neck is an orange towel.

Xiao appears to be a bit of a pervert. Specifically, he is an exhibitionist and posits to Joe the idea of how hot it would be to have sex in Ali's Store where anyone could walk in and see them except for Ali. Joe can of course agree to take him up on this offer.

While he does have a sex scene, he serves no purpose yet beyond it.


  • Xiao was designed by Redemption3445 very early in the development of Oh So Hero!, back when the aliens were supposed to be evil. He was also planned to appear in the game as a civilian captured by the Daku who would need to be rescued by Joe.
  • Xiao is the second character to be added to the game who appears in the opening cutscene besides Joe. The first was Bjorne.
  • Xiao is the third character to be added to the game who seemed to know about Joe prior to the tournament, after Ket and Kaylee.
  • Xiao appears alongside Francis in the comic, Glory Hotel, written by Sins and Virtues with artwork provided by jking1200. Since this comic was made prior to the pug's official appearance in Oh So Hero!, his older design was used.
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