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Officer Lance

Officer Lance is a rhino police officer found on Smol Beach, just before Tiburon and Domino. He has grey skin and a large horn with a smaller one behind it, like any rhino would. His eyes are effectively all white, with his iris or pupil only barely visible during his sex scene, like some other characters in the game. His burly form is covered with a typical police officer outfit: a pair of deep blue pants and long sleeved shirt, a black tie adorning his neck, a few badges and pins decorate the shirt, and an utility belt covering his midriff.

When Joe catches him on the beach and speaks to him, he mentions working for the LCPD (Lood City Police Department) but is currently off-duty. He is also seen holding a doughnut, suggesting him to be a cliché of sorts.


  • The name “Lance” may be based on the fact Lance is a Rhinoceros, meaning he has a horn that resembles a medieval lance.
  • Lance is the first Non-Hostile NPC who exclusively tops Joe.
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