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The Gallery is a long-awaited feature added in Oh So Hero v0.16.000. It's a collection of all the animations you might find in the main game.

Please note: This feature is exclusive to Patreon builds.


The following information is effective as of v0.16.100.

  • Play/Pause: Play or pause the animation.
  • Loop: Toggles between three loop modes:
    1. Loop Animation (default): This turns on animation looping. When the animation is finished, it will automatically play again from the beginning.
    2. Loop Sequence: This will loop the current frame sequence, which is a segment of the animation based around a particular action (fuck loop, cum, etc.).
    3. Play Once: This turns off animation looping. When the animation is finished, it will stop. At this point, the Play/Pause button can be used to play again from the beginning.
  • Climax: Only applicable to sex animations. This will automatically jump to the cum sequence (climax) of the animation. This button can be pressed again during the climax to restart it.
    • NOTE: Many NPCs have a two-part animation. In order to jump to the second climax, wait until the first climax has finished before pressing the button a second time.

Test Controls also work in the gallery. Specifically:

  • 1 2 3 4 = Camera Preset (Zoom Level)
  • [ ] = Time Scale (Half Speed, Double Speed)
    • press while holding Shift for fine adjustment
  • \ = Time Scale Reset (Normal Speed)
  • T = Trailer Mode (Hide UI Elements)


This section contains frequently asked questions related to the gallery feature.

In order to view animations, you have to find them in the game first.

Unfortunately, no. Instead of game saves, the gallery is using metagame data, a feature introduced specifically for the gallery. Thus, you will have to run through the game again to unlock animations. However, once you do it, you won't need to repeat that for every saved game. The gallery data is shared across the saves.

I missed an animation or character. Where can I find it?

Character order is subject to change, but you can use our character list to help on your quest of filling the gallery. Game Over and Loading screens are placed at the bottom of the list.

For additional help, see questions below.

The gallery includes the following animations in this order:

  1. Joe (animations of protagonist Joe)
  2. Enemies (animations of all enemies and their interaction with Joe)
  3. NPCs (animations of all NPCs and their interaction with Joe)
  4. Game Over (animated Game Over screens)
  5. Loading (animated Loading screens)

How many animations does every enemy have?

Most enemies have the following 8 animations:

  1. Enemy idle
  2. Enemy sexy taunt
  3. Enemy swooned (solo fap)
  4. Sex started by Joe when enemy is swooned
  5. Sex started by enemy when Joe is swooned
  6. Sex started by Joe when enemy is downed
  7. Sex started by enemy when Joe is not swooned
  8. Enemy knocked out

Certain enemies also have multigrab animations (currently only Daku and Amaru have these)

Enemies like Blowey and Ninja Clan have less animations due to their design.

There are no placeholders in the gallery. Any question mark is fillable with a character or environment, and any empty/hollow circle is fillable with an animation.

Currently there's no extra rewards for completing the gallery, but this may be added in the future.

As of version 0.16.100, the gallery has all the basic features: play/pause, loop and ability to jump to climax, if available. However, more features are planned for future versions of the game. Some of those are:

  • Character/enemy info
  • BGM update

I'm still missing someone! Can you please just give me the answers?

For a full list of gallery characters, spoilers included, go here.

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