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Korko is a goblin found on Smol Beach, behind the bar at the Grand Pour Bar & Grill. He has light green skin with four darker dashes across the cheeks, two each side, which are most likely face paint. His large ears have a similar shape to butterfly wings and are both pierced with a single gold ring in the divot. He wears only a black robe, the upper half of which is reminiscent of a button-up shirt complete with a pop-up collar while the lower half looks more like an ankle long skirt.

As of update 0.14.900, Korko now has a fully functioning bar and can offer Joe useful drinks in exchange for Zenni. Korko can also be interacted with for sex if “The Bartender” is selected from the choice menu, being more than willing to please his customers.


  • Korko is the first NPC in the game to be a pure humanoid rather than an anthropomorphic animal or alien.
  • Korko is the first character who provides a service Joe can spend Zenni at.
  • Korko is the first, and so far only NPC whose sprite appears in the background rather than the foreground.
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