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Volte is a Kobold hero found on a floating platform above Blitz's store in Lood City.

Volte's appearance is specifically based on the depiction of Kobolds as they appear in modern fantasy games and franchises such as Dungeons & Dragons. He is a reptilian humanoid with ochre scales, a draconic snout, 3 horns on his head, digitigrade legs, 3 toes, and long prehensile, reptilian tail.

Like Joe, he is competing in the Gerrabacco Tournament by himself, replete with his own personal “Hero Costume”. This costume consists of a violet executioner-style mask, a matching t-string, blanket cape, and shin guards. The mask and bottom wear have bright yellow markings and the cape is secured to his shoulder by golden fasteners. On his back, a pair of russet, wooden handles protrude past his shoulders. It is unknown if these are weapons and if so, what weapons they are. In his hand is a Persian Red Yo-Yo, it is unknown if he uses this as a weapon either. Volte's body shape/type is also very similar to Joe's, albeit, slightly shorter in height and penis length.

When encountered in game, Volte does not display any immediate hostility towards Joe despite the fact that the two of you are technically enemies. He then offers to show you his new “weapon” which he plans on using to win the tournament, on the condition that he gets to try it on Joe. That weapon being a pink, comically large and thick, vibrating, ejaculating, humanoid, double-ended dildo. If Joe agrees then it will lead to him shoving one end into his butt and the other into Joe's. Joe does not lose health from having sex with Volte.

While he does have a sex scene, he serves no purpose yet beyond it.


  • Volte's name comes from the Portuguese word “voltar” (to return), a reference to the nature of his yo-yo weapon.
  • Volte's name is a variation of the word Volta. This is the surname of famed Italian Physicist Alessandro Volta, pioneer of electricity and power, whom the unit of measurement, Voltage is named after.
  • Volte is technically the first NPC Joe can have sex with who technically does not top or bottom to Joe since they both get the phallus shoved up each other's butts at the same time. Though Volte clearly appears to have more experience and takes on a slightly more dominant role.
  • This is only technical because in the first build of the game Ket's sex scene used to just be him giving Joe a foot job while sucking Joe's feet, which is neither a dominant nor submissive act.
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