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Ket is a Tortavi (a shell-less turtle hybrid) who is a lifeguard and a personal friend of Joe who is only ever seen wearing a pair of blue swimming trunks.

He's seen in the first zone sitting around in his chair and casually swinging his feet all throughout, but can later be seen standing around and munching on an orange ice pop. He seems to enjoy exposing himself, never once seen in his shell and has a bit of a foot fetish, but is a polite and happy guy overall.

He acts as the basic tutorial guide at the start of the game, but can later be met and talked to at Southeast Beach due to Sheo Islands Beach having become overrun by aliens.


  • Ket is based on the fursona of the game's director, Ket Ralus.
  • Ket Ralus has explained that Ket is a Tortavi, a tortoise/avian hybrid (or turtle/avian). The distinguishing characteristics of the Tortavi are their beak like mouths, green scaly skin, and lack of a turtle shell. In an old version of the game, Joe assumes that Ket is a turtle and asks him about his missing shell. Ket responds only with “Less exposition and more exhibition!” (specifically meaning Joe should talk less and show off more). This dialogue has been removed as of Pre Edition II, though it is still visible in the trailer.
  • Ket is the only non-hostile NPC to have two neutral sprites, one on the Sheo Beach while he's sitting on his Lifeguard Chair and one for when he is seen again on the other side of the island munching on a popsicle.
  • He is also one of the only two NPCs who has an animated sprite. The other being Cas.
  • Ket is the third character to have their Sex scene retroactively added on to after Domino and Tiburon followed by Liath.
  • Ket is also technically the very first non-hostile NPC in the game that Joe can have sex with.
  • Ket also appears in the game Jolly Ribbon Party Grinch by ArtyTheFrog.
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