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Blitz is a punkish hyena who works at an electronic and music store titled: Super Import Tech and More! in Lood City. Unfortunately, the developers of Oh So Hero! where not able to finish making the store before his debut in game. Blitz claims that there previously was a store and people in it, and displays confusion and upset with the fact that everyone and everything up and vanished except for him.

Blitz is a slightly short anthropomorphic hyena with tussock brown fur all over his body except his face, hands and ears which are more of a dark grey and deep bronze spots on his shoulders. His mane and tail is dyed in an Shocking Green-Yellow. He wears a red tank-top with a white “X” sloppily painted on the front and black bondage shorts with a chord loosely binding his legs together. A pair of royal blue headphones appear to be secured to his head and he appears to be sucking on a purple lollipop.

While he does have a sex scene, he serves no purpose yet beyond making a comment about Lood City's development.


  • The word Blitz is derived from the German term Blitzkrieg, which was a popular German Strategy in WWII to use large-scale and rapid military force to ensure swift victory. Without the Krieg (War), it refers to any swift and concentrated effort. This could refer to his general reaction to the placeholder he resides in, since apparently it was a normal store until it suddenly was not.
  • The store that Blitz works at might be the same one that K.Ren mentions to be taking a day off from, since he refers to the store as the “weeby imports electronics store” which is only one word short of the store's actual name.
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