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Chad is a short but well toned, anthropomorphic, chipmunk standing under the pavilion on Smol Beach. His natural pigments appears to be various shades of tan. His only modesty is a cotton candy colored male swim thong, matching flip-flops, and sunglasses perched upon his forehead. He is holding a blue popsicle.

When Joe converses with him underneath the pavilion, Chad will reveal that he is from Lood City and frequents the gym with his friends. He also makes a comment on Joe's appearance, stating that could stand to lose some weight. Although he still finds Joe cute and attractive enough to have sex with him.

Beyond a sex scene, Chad doesn't seem to have another role in-game yet.


  • Chad is the third character to wear actual footwear after Lemiel and Bryce.
  • Chad shares the same name and species as a major antagonist character from the the 2015 indie horror game, The Park, though this is most likely a coincidence.
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