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Bryce is a character loitering outside of Cas' Cabin. He is a stallion with finely braided mane and tail of coarse white fur. The mane itself has golden yellow highlights which complements the gold neck chain he wears and fabrics wrapped around his tail. He wears a black tank top, flip-flops, and a pair of sky blue hot pants that accentuate the shape of his butt. He has Red-Orange markings under and around his eyes.

Like Kaylee, Bryce is an obvious placeholder, having no purpose or even dialogue beyond having sex with Joe when approached.


  • Bryce is the second character to be added in the game to wear shoes after Lemiel.
  • Bryce is the fourth character to flip-fuck Joe after Tiburon, Liath, and Jaer. He is also the fourth non-hostile NPC to have a non-humanoid penis after K.Ren, Tiburon, and Kyomu, in this case an equine penis.
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