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Puca is the Eleventh enemy added to the game, although depending on how you play the game he might only be the 9th enemy you encounter. Puca is a strange creature that resembles a Yokai with a body that has the color and consistency of buttermilk who haunts the exterior portions of the Hiroto Dojo. By default it appears to be a toony floating blob with a mischievous smile, narrow eyes, and a violet marking on his forehead. However, Pucas are shape-shifters and can alter its form to assume a number of shapes for that greatly exceed its normal mass.

Puca's are relatively smaller and weaker than the other enemies in the Dojo (except blowey). Being fairly easy to defeat with physical attacks. However their exceptionally small size leads to an equally small hitbox that makes them a little hard to hit and allows them to easily slip through tight spaces to reach Joe. They also have a surprisingly high resistance to Joe's Seductive Poses, requiring almost as many hits as the Stier or the Goliath

Currently the Puca only has two attacks. Their physical attack involves them shapeshifting a huge humanoid penis with greater length than Joe's height. The Puca will then slam the cock directly in front of himself. The attack has medium range slightly surpassing that of Gatis and deals a mix of physical and lust damage. Their second attack is their grapple in which they shape shift into a large hand and arm and attempt to grab Joe. This attack is even faster than the physical attack and the resulting grapples are capable of dealing very high damage if the animations are allowed to play out to their entirety.

As of Version 0.17.100, Puca now have swooned animation and Joe's second dominant scene.

A Puca shape-shifted into its dragon form appears alongside Bax in a Game Over screen for Hiroto Dojo.

As of Version 0.18.500, Puca has a multigrab with itself and Joe. In order to increase the scene's accessibility, the number of Pucas in Hiroto Dojo has been increased to nearly double the original amount and they appear more frequently in groups of two.


  • Puca is named after the Púca. Ghosts and spirits of Irish folklore that are capable of changing into a variety of animals including Horses, Goats, Dogs, Cats, and Hares.
  • However, since Puca haunts a Japanese Style Dojo, they are most likely Obake or Bakemono. Moreover, some of the animals the Puca assumes are not things that Púca traditionally change to but Bakemono do, such as badgers and dragons.
  • When Puca was added to the game, his A.I. was completed but his sex scenes were not. This is the inverse of Bax, who was added in the same build with a all his sex scenes an incomplete A.I.
  • Thus far, Puca has assumed the appearance of its primary form plus a giant penis, a giant disembodied hand, an anthropomorphic badger, an anthropomorphic dragon, an anthropomorphic hare, a feral kangaroo, a feral snake, a feral elephant, an anthropomorphic jackal, an anthropomorphic falcon, Joe's hyper-sized genitalia, and cum.
  • Puca's Jackal and Falcon form specifically resemble Egyptian Gods. However, it is unclear if the Jackal is meant to be Anubis or Wepawet and it is unclear if the falcon is meant to be Ra or Horus.
  • Puca is the first enemy with a multigrab that allows Joe to anally penetrate them during a scene.
  • Puca and the Goliath are the only non-hazard type enemies in the game to not have a seductive taunt.
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