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Joe is the main protagonist/player character of Oh So Hero!. He's a sky blue dragon-esque anthro who sports a fox-like tail, apparently likes to walk around in tiptoes, and wears what is described to be in-game as a “hero” costume, which consists of the following: a pair of tight black trunks with a red bikini line, black fingerless gloves, and a simple red superhero-like eye mask. He also has a white abdomen, two small wings growing out of his shoulders, and small, nubby black horns growing out of his skull.

Not a lot is known about him yet beyond the fact he likes playing the hero, has some talent in combat, and is no stranger to engaging in more…intimate fun with others. He seems to have a happy-go-lucky attitude, but is said to show his serious side when he dons his costume.

Joe can also utilize his natural and lewd charms to win over enemies, making them uncontrollably horny, and later learns how to slide through tight spaces and slam down with his bubble butt in powerful fashion onto enemies and breakable objects below. He can also utilize his Crescent Moon Special when crowded.

Joe appears to have a somewhat elasticated body, able to take abnormally/multiple large insertions and excessive volumes of cum without prior lubrication or stretching. Though this is just purely to help bypass any annoying aspects of realism that might ruin the more explicit content of the game.


  • Joe's name is related to the phrase “Average Joe”.
  • When having sex with Liath, Liath uses his magical abilities to transform himself into a perfect doppelganger of Joe and conjure another clone of himself as Joe minus any clothing. This reveals that the black rings around Joe's arms and neck are actually a part of his body rather than accessories and the black on his eyelids are also a part of his body instead of war paint.
  • Joe's appearance is often a point of confusion and contention for the fans, the creators, and even the characters in the game. The small horns and square and white muzzle give Joe a bovid visage, while the tiptoed stance makes his legs look digitigrade despite being plantigrade. His wings are small and often overlooked. His tail and ears resembles that of a fox. It is also not completely clear if Joe has scales, fur, or smooth skin. Despite this, Joe insists that he is a dragon, regardless as to whether or not that is true or if others like K.Ren believe him.
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