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The sixth enemy type you'll face, O'Deere is a deer-like creature found in the Forbidden Bayou. They have yellow fur with white countershading on their bellies and hands, adorn white tribal masks (likely made of bone) on their faces, and have incredibly large genitals (in fact their human-like cocks appear to be lengthier than the next enemy's). Their lower-wear seem to be ineffective in covering their huge balls while their masks adorn their faces while their red sash, which they wear around their thorax, don't seem to have a reason being there.

While they don't look intimidating, they should not be underestimated; they are fairly powerful shamans, employing ranged attacks as their go-to. Swapping between an ankle-high straight ball which deals physical damage or a wave patterned heart which raises Joe's Lust, both of which have different sounds and animations (you can jump over both easily however, though the latter might be a bit trickier to do; its better to simply run and position yourself in their safe spots). They can fire these off rapidly, meaning they can be dangerous at range.

The linear magical attack is telegraphed by a forward underhanded swiping motion while the curving lust attack is telegraphed by a back-handed gesture, resembling the act of “blowing a kiss”.

But don't let that fool you thinking them as just snipers for they have a powerful melee blast, which will knock the player back. Their grapple is hard to predict but, if done correctly, will result in them stumbling (which no other enemy outside of the Daku does for their own grapples). However, it's far safer to just beat them up or seduce them.

O'Deere have a weakness where they will not attack Joe as he approaches from behind until he is close enough for their melee attack.

As of Version 0.14.104, all of their attacks have a revamped appearance, making them easier to see and avoid (including their Lust attack, which is now a large ball of pink color instead of a tiny heart).

An O'Deere appears in the Game Over screen for the Forbidden Bayou alongside a Gatis.

As of Version 0.17.000 O'Deere appear in Hiroto Dojo.

As of Version 0.18.400 O'Deere has one multigrab with Gatis.

As of Version 0.18.500 O'Deere has a second multigrab with itself. In order to make this scene more accessible, the number of O'Deere in the Forbidden Bayou has nearly doubled, and they can be encountered right out the gate from Brask's Jungle.

As of Version 0.19.000 O'Deere have been removed from Hiroto Dojo and replaced with Haya.


  • The name O'Deere is an obvious turn on the phrase, “oh dear”.
  • Coincidentally, the lust attack of the O'Deere has a hand to lip animation, which is commonly paired with the phrase.
  • During O'Deere's multigrab with itself and Joe a wooden pole with a pink stone appears between them. This object is never seen before or after the multigrab. Though it can be assumed that they use it to help summon the strange tentacles emerging from portals around them, further playing up their mysticism angle.
  • O'Deere is the first enemy to have more than one physical attack.
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