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Octo is an East Pacific Red Octopus and the owner/head chef of Octo's Sushi Place in Lood City. He boasts how he is proficient in using all of his tentacles independently at the same time. Which apparently includes his penis which is just as long as an any of his tentacles.

Octo is shorter than Kyomu and Joe. He has pomegranate skin, thick and blubbery lilac lips, black eyes, and of course 8 tentacles, 2 of which are primarily used for legs. He wears a French pass and Dodger Blue head band which resembles a Hachimaki with a wave pattern on his bulbous head. His torso is covered in some kind of weird sarong like fabric, wrapped in various loops and knots around his tentacles to make them conform to a more humanoid shape. The cloth is the same color as his head band.

While he does have a sex scene, he serves no purpose yet beyond it.


  • Octo's name is the Greek number for eight, a reference to his eight tentacles and the fact that he is an octopus.
  • His restaurant, although as a place holder, showed up in the game before him.
  • Additionally, the restaurant itself was not finished in time for his debut.
  • Octo is the third character in the game to exclusively top Joe after Officer Lance and Kyomu.
  • Octo is the first character to be added to a place holder area and not acknowledge or question why there is nothing where he is or the fact that he can't do anything but have sex with Joe.
  • Octo performs the greatest number of sex acts with Joe, including: Hand/Tentacle Job, 69, Fisting, anal sex, oral while penetrating, multiple positions, tongue job, and urethra penetration. Coincidentally the number of acts is also about eight.
  • The fact that Octo is an Octopus working at a sushi restaurant and his usage of tentacles during sex may be a reference to Tentacle Porn which primarily originates from Japan.
  • Octo is the only character in the game to have a penis but no externally visible testicles.
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