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Older Versions: v0.19, v0.18, v0.17, v0.16, v0.15, v0.14, oldest

Oh So Hero! v0.20.100 Bug Fix Build

Improvements & bug fixes:

  • NPC animations:
    • Fixed Koji (Daku NPC) & Joe's sex animation in Ali's Surf Shack.
    • Fixed Ajax (Bax NPC) & Joe's sex animation in the Gallery.
  • Gameplay:
    • Fixed the white screen bug at title when mashing the submit button from the very beginning of the game (or when returning to title from gameplay).
    • Fixed Amaru's sexy taunt hearts to move properly on “JumpThrough” platforms, and also not move the bodies of defeated enemies.
  • Graphics:
    • All characters use a new custom shader to allow for proper color overlay effects. This shader may be more performant than the old one as well.
    • As a result, some visual effects, most notably the invulnerability/damage color on Joe, will be more apparent.
    • Gallery characters have been spread out more to avoid overlap, and other cosmetic tweaks have been made to the Gallery.
    • Added extra animation loops for fullscreen Game Over and Loading Screen animations when using the Gallery's Play All feature.
  • Bates-related:
    • Bates's AI should not make him stop attacking Joe at any point.
    • Bates's AI should not make him move bizarrely or go off screen.
    • Bates's HP bar will show and hide properly, even when Joe gets a game over and then continues.
    • Joe will no longer be able to have sex with Bates while he is downed and invulnerable between phases.
    • Bates's invulnerability between phases has less visual flickering (he'll still be invulnerable for the same amount of time).
    • Bates will have a magenta overlay on his body when he is downed at 100% lust, indicating that the sex animation will be different (such as with a normal enemy while they are swooned).
    • Five Chillpills have been added to Lood City Park to lower the player's lust before the battle with Bates.
  • Cleaned and optimized various areas of game code that may also improve performance.
  • And even more fixes that are too trivial to list!

Known issues:

Oh So Hero! v0.20.002

New features:

  • New Boss: Bates!
    • You can find and fight Bates in Lood City Park (see further below).
    • This is a beta version of Bates. We have most of his moves and sex animations implemented, and you can battle him in a form close to what we have intended. Bates operates a bit differently from normal enemies. For example, when he reaches 100% lust, he is not swooned, but has a defense debuff applied.
    • After you beat Bates, go right to read a sign with a special message, and then check the Gallery for all Bates animations unlocked, including a bonus animation! (We couldn't get it in the battle just yet, but you can see it in the Gallery.)
    • We have more in the works for Bates including new and improved attacks, additional sex animations, and a post-defeat cutscene with dialogue. These updates will roll out over the coming months, and we hope you enjoy them!
  • New Environment: Lood City Park!
    • You can get here through a new door on the far right side of Lood City.
    • This is a small linear area where you fight Bates! The design is subject to change in upcoming updates. We also added a Life Spring Aura to fill your HP and SP!
  • New Music: “BATES Prelude to Battle”, “BATES Boss Battle”, “BATES Boss Battle (Final Mix)”
    • Hear these in Lood City Park and in the battle with Bates!
    • These three tracks were composed by Cilantro, with additional arrangement on the Boss Battle tracks by Ket Ralus, and guitar on Final Mix by Ugly Prick!

Improvements & bug fixes:

  • Increased default volume for sound effects and lewd sound effects. You may want to reset your audio settings to 100% for proper balance.
  • Updated the disclaimer at the start of the game, adding a photosensitivity/epilepsy warning. We try to avoid rapidly flashing lights, but please take precautions.
  • Fixed damage numbers to display proper values when stats are modified.
  • Sex rhythm meter now has a variable target (min of 15% and max of 75%).
  • Sex rhythm meter and power struggle meter have been moved to the bottom of the screen (gameplay HUD).
  • Sex rhythm meter's button prompt will hide quickly.
  • Joe's Crescent Moon special ability will now give him iframes (invulnerability) for the full duration of this move.
  • Joe's Slide and Butt Stomp abilities now have increased recovery time at the end of the moves, and Slide's distance/speed has been modified.
  • And even more fixes that are too trivial to list!

Known issues:

  • Bates is incomplete and has several known issues. These will be rectified in the following updates as we complete our work. Here are the main issues:
    • Bates's attacks have little to no sound effects. What's there is a placeholder.
    • Some of Bates's attacks are incomplete, and some other moves are absent.
    • Joe is able to have sex with Bates while he is downed and invulnerable between phases, though this should not be possible.
    • Bates may sometimes move bizarrely or go off screen.
    • There are no Bates Game Over animations.
    • Defeating Bates abruptly cuts back to normal gameplay with no post-defeat content (aside from the placeholder sign off to the right).
  • The Lood City Park environment needs performance optimizations.
  • Joe's Crescent Moon cooldown is irregular.
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