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🐸 For the Development Roadmap, go here!

Older Versions: 🐸v0.18, 🐸v0.17, 🐸v0.16, 🐸v0.15, 🐸v0.14

Oh So Hero! v0.19.000

New features:

  • New Enemy: Haya!
    • You can encounter this ninja rabbit enemy in Hiroto Dojo!
    • This is a simple enemy with one swooned animation and one sex animation with Joe.
    • NOTE: Haya has replaced O'Deere in the Dojo, but O'Deere can still be found in the Forbidden Bayou.
  • New Ninja Clan animations!
    • Joining the existing Trio and Pig, we now have Goat and Cat/Dog animations.
    • Each Ninja Trap laser color has one of these animations. Find all four!
  • Apple silicon support!
    • If you have a Mac with an M1 or newer processor, please download the “Apple silicon” / “macsilicon” build.
    • NOTE: Intel Macs can continue running the game with the “Intel” / “macintel” build.

Improvements & bug fixes:

  • Hiroto Dojo has updated enemy placement and some revised level objects.
  • A few items have been updated with 3D representations. We plan to do this with all existing items as development progresses.
  • Tiburon's dialogue has been updated.
  • Updated Credits
  • And even more fixes that are too trivial to list!
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