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Liath is a tuxedo cat with very dark grey and white fur and orange/red demonic horns growing outwards and downwards from his head. He wears a red loincloth and sash with a white rune and a matching red scarf around his neck which frills out on both ends with tattering and holes in the fabric. Liath has a rather feminine face, with long eyelashes, mascara, indigo eyeshadow over his red eyes, and pouty lips.

Liath is encountered at the very end of the Forbidden Bayou on the far right. Right of the exit to Smol Beach. He currently resides in some kind of wooden hut or shrine. Liath claims to be some kind of magic user, specializing in the brewing of magic potions that he or Joe can potentially use for various reasons. However, his Cauldron is missing and so he can't make anything really though his willing to at least have sex with Joe. The implication is that Full Frontal Frog are planning on have a complex new mechanic introduced via Liath's Potion Making Skills but it is not finished yet. Either that or they simply did not render his cauldron yet.

As of version 0.16.500, has demonstrated his magical abilities while having sex with Joe. Being able to transform himself into a perfect doppelganger of Joe and being able to produce a perfect clone of himself.

Beyond a sex scene, Liath doesn't seem to have another role in-game yet.

As of v0.20.200, Liath now has a cauldron and his dialogue has been altered to reflect this.


  • Liath's name is pronounced “Lee-ith”.
  • Liath is the name of two characters from the narrative of The Irish Myth: The Boyhood Deeds of Fionn. The first being a helpful woman and the second being an evil man. This could explain Liath's Androgynous appearance.
  • Liath's name also means grey, which is probably a reference to his dark grey fur color.
  • Liath is the 4th character to have an additional segment to his sex scene retroactively added on to in a subsequent build. After Tiburon, Domino, Ket
  • Liath is also the second character to flip-fuck and engage in group sex with Joe after Tiburon and Brask respectively. Though unlike Tiburon, Liath bottoms and then tops and unlike Brask, he does not have sex with any nearby hostiles.
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