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Ninja Clan

As their name would imply, The Ninja Clan is a large group of Ninjas. They are the 13th enemy added to the game. They guard important areas in Hiroto Dojo from nosey intruders like Joe.

While exploring Hiroto Dojo, Joe may encounter several sections of the building barricaded by laser trip wires. If Joe passes through the lasers they will begin to flash. If Joe passes through another laser trip wire that is the same color as the one previously activated, he will be ambushed by a corresponding squad of Ninjas, who will proceed to strip and attempt to sexually exhaust Joe. The Lasers do not pass through opaque objects such as walls, ceilings, floors, crates, or umbrellas.

The following is a list of the current squads and their corresponding color.

  • Green: A bottom heavy anthropomorphic pink pig with red markings around his eyes. Will attempt to power bottom Joe.
  • Red: An anthropomorphic rat with white fur, weasel with brown and white fur, and a ferret with mustard fur. Will attempt to gang-bang Joe, utilizing both his holes and his dick.
  • Yellow: A diminutive and girly anthropomorphic goat with white fur, horns, and rose colored eyeshadow. Will attempt to seduce Joe by deeply French Kissing him before dominantly fucking Joe's ass.
  • Blue: A gleeful anthropomorphic Cocker Spaniel with yellow fur and a gloomy Domestic Cat with blue fur. Will attempt to spitroast Joe.

All of the ninjas dress as the stereotypical shinobi shōzoku (ninja clad in black garb), each of them wearing black and loose fitting clothing with a navy blue forehead protector around their head or necks. The headbands have a metal plate on them with an engraving that resembles a tree or a leaf.

The Ninja Clan primarily guard the vault on the far right side of Hiroto Dojo, preventing anyone from reaching the vault or leaving once the have seen it. They also guard some of the interior portions of the pagoda.


  • The Ninja Clan are the second Hazard type enemy in the game after Blowey. They are also the first Hazard type enemy to have more than one animation.
  • Semantically speaking, a Clan refers to a families. While the weasel and the ferret are both mustelids, it is unlikely that all the shinobi are related by blood.
  • The Ninja Clan's design and abilities seem to be heavily inspired by the incredibly popular Manga/Anime series: Naruto.
  • The Dog's neutral sprite has him holding a large feather and the Goat's has him holding a green leaf. Neither of these tools are used by them while having sex with Joe or to remove his clothing.
  • The Weasel from the red team is the only Ninja who does not have a forehead protector. His outfit is also notably different from the rest of he Clan, being a one strap and sleeveless, almost like the one strap flak jackets worn by the Ninjas from the Village Hidden in the Clouds in Naruto.
  • The Goat is currently the only Ninja who wears an actual Flak Jacket over his black jump suit.
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