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The page for describing the story and plotline of Oh So Hero!, as well as all of the world-building elements surrounding the game.

Disclaimer: The information described here are provided by gamers and not a member of the development team, so certain information may be speculative, missing, or even incorrect.


Aeter is a world of fantasy that highly resembles modern society, inhabited by familiar and unique species ranging from anthropomorphic animals like lemurs and sharks, to mythological creatures like dragons and goblins, and finally creatures the likes of which one has never seen before such as the tortavi.

Sheo Islands is an archipelago of mysterious and magical islands that connect to each other, with the residents of the island being generally peaceful and carefree and varying different tribes and civilizations based around the strange biomes of each island.

First Contact

One day, a fleet of alien spaceships suddenly descended from the sky After getting over the initial shock, the aliens broadcast to every device on the planet, their peaceful intentions and proposal made clear: The planet had been randomly selected to host an exciting and sexy tourney known as the Gerrabacco.


Gerrabacco is a free-for-all battle royale tournament, in which everyone on the planet can participate. Individuals and/or entire races may form teams to increase the overall odds of their victory. To win the tournament, one individual must collect the five Emeralds of Power, scattered across the islands. Whomever collects all 5 Emeralds first will be granted phenomenal cosmic power and 10 billion zennies.

If someone collects the individual Emeralds before anyone else, the Emeralds can be stolen from them by either defeating them in combat or draining their stamina through sexual acts.

Bear in mind, the alien ships contain participants and possible veterans from across the galaxy who are also after the Emeralds, and most of the native species and organizations will organize into makeshift armies in order to win and share prizes with one another.

Individuals not participating in the tournament can just go about their day-to-day lives and watch the planet wide battle-orgy unfold, maybe even mingle with the tourney's contestants while they're at it.

The Players

The following is a list of individuals who are relatively unaffiliated, competing in the Gerrabacco by themselves:

The Teams

The following is a list of the named teams that have organized and are competing in the Gerrabacco:

  • Alien Invaders (name pending)

This team so far consists of Daku and Amaru. They seem to be working for the higher-ups, with one of them most likely being Kama, and hunting after the Emeralds of Power.

  • [The rest are currently unknown]

The Elites

The following is a list of the Elite competitors who act as Team Captain or Champion in the Gerrabacco:

  • (Currently Unknown)


  • In previous versions of the game, the plot was that the aliens were invading with more malicious intentions (whatever that might have been). This was best indicated in the original game over screen, where Joe appeared to not be into getting anally penetrated by a Daku (though the blush on his face might have indicated that he was trying to deny it) while being restrained by two others. This premise was changed to the current, more lighthearted one (at least for now), most likely due to Patreon's strict policies against content featuring non-consent (among other specific kinks).
  • The concept of a large group of people fighting each other on an island is most likely derived from the movie, Battle Royale.
  • The Emeralds of Power are based on the Chaos Emeralds from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.
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