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Tunist (TOO-nist) is the spokesperson for the aliens and the host of the Gerrabacco tournament. He is an alien that heavily resembles a grey bunny rabbit. He has grey fur with dark spots on the side of his face and patches on the ends of his long floppy lop ears. His hair is styled in a black mohawk with a single orange highlight on his head in front of the mohawk. His body shape is round and oblong with wide hips, narrow shoulders, and thin legs. He wears a dark purple, sleeveless pinstripe vest and pants, with a bright red bow-tie to compliment it.

Tunist only appears so far in the opening cutscene of Oh So Hero!, explaining why the aliens are invading and the stipulations of the tournament. His personality has been shown to be helpful, theatrical, and perverted.

However, it is unknown if he is also honest when he states that the Gerrabacco tourney is supposed to be all fun and games, or if he and the other aliens are actually there for potentially more malicious intentions and the Tournament is a just ruse or cover-up.


  • Tunist's name is another word for Tuner. A Tuner is somebody who tunes musical instruments so that they sound right or electronic devices to make them function properly/operate on the correct wireless frequency. This is likely a reference to the fact that Tunist manages to seize control of all the electronic telecommunication devices on the planet to announce the Gerrabacco Tournament in the opening cutscene.
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