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Patrons can read the full post: Road to the Future

We plan to have the following features completed by the indicated version numbers:

0.15 Pre Edition II

0.20 Gallery Mode & Mini Boss Battle

0.30 Lood City Rooftops Dungeon & Elite Boss Battle 1

0.40 Ancient City Dungeon

0.45 Elite Boss Battle 2

0.50 Farm Mini Dungeon

0.55 Snowy Mountain Dungeon

0.60 Elite Boss Battle 3 & Assist System

0.70 Airship Mini Dungeon

0.80 Floating Ruins Mini Dungeon

0.90 Elite Boss Battle 4

0.95 Final Dungeon

1.00 Final Boss & Development Complete!

Keep in mind this is missing some in-between details that we'll be updating eventually.

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