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 **Older Versions:** **[[changelog v0.18|🐸v0.18]]**, **[[changelog v0.17|🐸v0.17]]**, **[[changelog v0.16|🐸v0.16]]**, **[[changelog v0.15|🐸v0.15]]**, **[[changelog v0.14|🐸v0.14]]** **Older Versions:** **[[changelog v0.18|🐸v0.18]]**, **[[changelog v0.17|🐸v0.17]]**, **[[changelog v0.16|🐸v0.16]]**, **[[changelog v0.15|🐸v0.15]]**, **[[changelog v0.14|🐸v0.14]]**
 +====== Oh So Hero! v0.19.100 ======
 +===== New features: =====
 +  * **New multigrab animations: [[Signal]]+Signal and [[Stier]]+Stier**
 +    * These dudes can be encountered in Lood City.
 +  * **Three (3) new animations for [[Haya]]!**
 +    * Haya can be found in Hiroto Dojo, and he also has a new grab move.
 +  * **New NPC: Koji!**
 +    * This [[Daku]] NPC can be found in Ali's Surf Shack. He will be relocated and provided dialogue in a future update.
 +  * **New 3D models for all collectible items.**
 +===== Improvements & bug fixes: =====
 +  * Fixed doors transitioning to wrong checkpoints (and related autosave issues).
 +  * Fixed enemy AI when pausing the game.
 +  * Fixed Haya's AI and added his grab move.
 +  * Made tweaks to all gameplay environments, including Hiroto Dojo and Lood City.
 +  * Fixed the missing impact sound effect for Joe's butt stomp.
 +  * Added new staff to the Credits.
 +  * And even more fixes that are too trivial to list!
 +===== Known issues: =====
 +  * Koji's animation spawns a barstool under Joe. This is not spawned/positioned correctly when viewing it in the Gallery. A fix is forthcoming.
 +  * Some areas of gameplay may have new issues with the camera, player collision, or enemy AI activation since we have migrated to new level design tools. We'll be working to iron out these issues and make other long-needed fixes over the coming updates.
 +===== Other notes: =====
 +  * We still need more time to address the issue with the false positive virus reports. Our previous Windows build was made on a machine running Windows 11 (to the best of my knowledge), so I went back to our standard dev machine running Windows 10. Hopefully this will mitigate the issue until we have time to set up Extended Validation Code Signing.
 ====== Oh So Hero! v0.19.000 ====== ====== Oh So Hero! v0.19.000 ======
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